"My new pet will be named Floki"
~Elon Musk


About Us

Floki Inu is a hyper-deflationary token with an intigrated smart staking system, so you're being rewarded automatically with more $FLO straight to your wallet for simply holding. In other words - hold, sit back, relax and watch your $FLO grow!

The project team behind Floki Inu are working on the creation of a whole ecosystem, known as "Floki's Yard", where friends of Floki will come by and support his growth with their own smart tokenomics. This means that, as a holder of $FLO, you can benefit from Floki's new friends AND get the chance to get involved in new, low marketcap, fairlaunched coins produced by the Floki Inu Team to support your $FLO.

  • 1
    Launch FlokiInu $FLO

    Complete the initial fair-launch of $FLO with extreme marketing and establish trust within the community.

  • 2
    Build Floki's Yard Ecosystem

    Creation of an Ecosystem to host new friends & tokens for Floki that will boost $FLO organically.

  • 3
    Introduce New Friends for Floki into the EcoSystem

    Introduction of new friends for Floki (& new tokens for our community) with marketing for $FLO and the new tokens.

  • 4
    Order the Floki-Wrapped Lambo!

    Then buy Elon Musk a pet pup named Floki!


Every transaction of Floki Inu consists of


To reward holders of the token we redistribute 4% of every transaction to all holders of the token


If we want the token to go up in value we need the liquidity pool to grow as well. This is why 4% of every transaction goes towards liquidity


In order to keep marketing the token successfully 2% of every transaction goes towards marketing
2,500 Telegram
4,000 Holders
40,000 Token

Floki's Friends Are Coming To Play!

It's always fun visiting Floki in his yard.

Nomi Buyback
"I love long walks on the beach and buying gifts for my friends - I never visit ANYONE without a present in my paws!"
?????? ??????
"My favourite thing to do is hunt for the biggest sticks with my friend Floki! I always have a lotto' luck finding them!"
?????? ??????
"Whenever I go to see Floki, I make sure I'm on my best behaviour so that Papa Elon rewards me with tasty treats!!"
?????? ??????
"I love going to see my friend Floki because he lives in the city and there's always new people to meet. Sometimes it's good to get away from the farm for a little while!"